• Molly Hatch

Meet our Marketing Manager

Hi I'm Molly Hatch and I’m the person behind all the posts you see on social media!

Before joining VHA, I worked as a Digital Marketing Executive for a marketing agency in Norwich. My client base was rather varied, from a fishing company to a project management business. So, as you can imagine I had to quickly adapt to different ways of thinking and talking to market the right audience. 

I spent a year living in France (Clermont Ferrand) which has really helped me broaden my knowledge and thinking. Meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds is the best kind of inspiration.

My style in three words is blush, prints, floaty.

What I love most about my job, is that social media changes daily, even hourly, so you've always got be reactive which keeps things exciting.

The three things I couldn't live without at work are my phone, Planoly and Instagram.

Full-service fashion design and manufacturing studio.

We bring your apparel ideas to life. 

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